Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are asked more often than most, so they are captured here to hopefully help you and us enjoy FSI!

How much is team registration?

Team Registration is $1750 (up to 10 Youth Members and 2 Coaches/Mentors)


What does team registration cover?

For up to 10 Youth Members and 2 Coaches/Mentors:

  • > Lunch – Three Days of Competition
  • > Admission to Team Social (Friday)
  • > 1 FSI Event Shirt Each Youth Member
  • > 1 FSI Event Medallion Each Youth Member
  • > 1 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Eagle Card Each (used for $Food$)

How do we pay team registration?

  • 1. Click on Register Team on the FSI Website homepage,
  • 2. Complete the registration form and an invoice will be sent to you as soon as your team is confirmed by your region’s Program Delivery Partner (PDP)
  • 3. Takes 1-7 days depending on email responses
  • Note: Please be patient as the FSI team will do everything we can to expedite this process.

Where can I stay for FSI?

  • Once a Team has received their Team Registration Invoice, the Housing Accommodations Survey is provided to the email for Coach #1.
  • Youth Members, Coaches, Mentors, Parents, and Friends are allowed to stay on-campus or off-campus in any order or room assignment

There are multiple options being made available to FLL Teams travelling to Daytona Beach negotiated by Infinity Center of Education, prepay only:

1. ERAU Residence Halls – 4 Twin XL Beds with a Kitchenette ($65/person/night) – includes breakfast/dinner in Student Union ($food$ on Eagle Card)

2. Daytona Beach Hotels – Speedway (~$149/night for 2 Queen Beds), 2-10 minutes from ERAU by vehicle

3. Daytona Beach Hotels – Beachside (~$249/night for 2 Queen Beds), 15-25 minutes from ERAU by vehicle


Can we arrive early/leave late to FSI?

  • Yes, Infinity Center of Education can accommodate any duration before or after FSI.
  • Please coordinate with Daniel Penny, FSI Housing POC below by using the link below. 
  • Please include number of rooms, mainland or beachside, name, and email for FSI Housing Invoice.
  • Send Email to FSI Housing POC ]

What are the ERAU Residence Hall accommodations?

Florida Sunshine Invitational has accommodations in Apollo Hall.  [ Residence Hall Tour ]

> Includes 4 Twin XL beds and linens

> Strict youth members curfew each night since ERAU Housing has multiple summer camps running and rules apply to all youth. 

> Youth members may move after curfew with two adults.

> Apollo Hall Quiet Time is from 9PM – 7AM.

> Apollo Hall Curfew is 10PM each night.

> Apollo Hall is monitored 24/7 by video surveillance and roaming security.

Who can stay in ERAU Residence Hall accommodations?

Anyone is allowed to stay in the ERAU Residence Hall accommodations while availability lasts.  First come first serve.

All individuals older than 17 years of age (Adults) will require a background check to stay on campus.

Any adults not willing to perform a background check will need to stay in an off-campus option. [ Off-Campus Hotel Registration ]

Do Adults need background checks for the ERAU Residence Hall?

Yes, please have all adults register in VMS. This is required to be compliant with Youth Protection Policy. 

Any adults not willing to perform a background check will need to stay in an off-campus option. [ Off-Campus Hotel Registration ]

1. Navigate to, LOGIN or REGISTER for a FIRST account.

2. Once logged in, navigate to the “Volunteer Registration” on the Dashboard

3. Search for an Event using the following Event Filters: Program: FIRST LEGO League – Challenge, Location: Florida, United States >> Click “Apply Filters”

4. Click Volunteer under FIRST LEGO League Florida Sunshine Invitational.

5. Select “ALL DATES”, 

6. Enter “Residence Hall Adult” to the Specific Availability Times / Details field.

7. Select Role “Technical Staff” 

8. Please select any additional volunteer roles you would like to do to help your team and the event be successful.

9. Order the Role Preferences with “Technical Staff” as #1 to help with Housing Clearance

10. Click NEXT

11. Add your team number ( SKIP if your team has letters )

12. Click COMPLETE

13. An ERAU Residence Hall Cleared Confirmation Email will be sent to Coach #1 email.

What is the Friday Night Social?

The Friday Night Social is an opportunity to network between teams in a fun environment in Daytona Beach.  The FSI Team is currently working on a venue for this event that will be wet and wild in honor of the iconic Daytona Beach, FL history.

Venue Location: To Be Announced

Can I park my car overnight on ERAU Campus?

Yes, but you will need to get a Parking Pass from the ERAU Parking Service Desk located in the Student Union (where the Innovation Project pits are located) to the right of Chick-Fil-A.

Cost: $0.00

Where can I buy tickets to the "Things To Do"?

A FSI Portal will be made available when we get closer to the event that will allow teams to purchase in advance tickets to the different attractions that we have arranged special pricing/experiences for you and your team.

Take Me To The Store: Launching April 1, 2024